You’ve already been hearing for a while about how many professionals and businesses put their heads in the sand and create a YouTube channel. Why haven’t you gone ahead and done it yet? If you’re still interested in exploring the platform’s features and functionality, don’t worry; it’s not too late. Given the unfortunate reality of the pandemic, having a blog and a website to market your goods or services is no longer sufficient.

Video marketing is becoming more common. If you want your company to be seen, you must overcome your fear of being on camera, provide value to your audience, and, most importantly, present yourself as you seem to be.

Critical Information to Keep in Mind

A natural look is always a win. According to YouTube sources, the website has over 1.9 billion users who watch over one billion hours of content. This is one of the main reasons why getting a presence on the second most popular search engine after Google is critical for gaining an advantage over your competition, reaching your audience, and engaging with them.

Users increasingly prefer audiovisual material to read a two-thousand-word file, which explains the positive results. Video is also simple to consume and comprehend. It is a straightforward format to publicize.

It elicits feelings in the audience and leads him her or them on a journey through various sensations. In a nutshell, it’s the best way to raise brand awareness and meet your target audience.

Let’s not even get started on the advantages it brings in terms of Google ranking and user experience. What’s keeping you from making videos now that you’ve seen all of the benefits of video marketing? Stop putting it off and get started with your YouTube video marketing campaign right away. But first, pay attention to the following point.

What You Weren’t Told

To hook your audience and create interest in your channel, I’ll share some key points that range from more technical aspects, such as lighting, to factors more relevant to copy and persuasion.

Technicalities of Video Shooting

Did you know that the lighting, backdrop, and equipment are all necessary before you start recording?

Natural light should be used to capture the videos wherever possible. If you are unable to do so for whatever reason, you will have to rely on artificial lighting. You’ll primarily need three points of light: two in front of the presenter, one on either side and a backlight spotlight. This is equally important as the content of the video.

Background: It is suggested that the walls’ backgrounds be kept clean. This means that it does not cause the viewer to become distracted.

Camera: These days, any mid-range smartphone can shoot professional full HD images. The use of a tripod with a handheld adapter is a very useful accessory for keeping the phone from moving.

Microphone: Another significant aspect of the video is audio. As a result, having a microphone, whether it’s a lavalier or an external microphone for a smartphone, will help to enhance the video’s quality. On the other hand, don’t record in a noisy environment. Record horizontally rather than vertically (this is for Instagram stories only).

Shots: If you’re not going to film it all at once, you’ll probably need to take a few different shots to give your video some movement. To highlight the importance of the most interesting pieces, it is recommended that they be recorded in shorter bursts.

Engaging the Target Audience

The second most crucial aspect to remember is what you’ll be aiming at or how you’re going to go about it. To do so, I suggest looking at the following:

What Kind of Language to Use

Consider who your target audience is while writing your script, and use vocabulary suitable for them. The language will be casual and intimate if the audience is between the ages of 25 and 35.

Find common Ground

Users want to see videos that entertain, teach, or encourage them, so keep that in mind. And the best way to do that is to teach them stories that they can relate to (what we know as storytelling). Pay attention because this method for capturing attention with your story always works: present a challenge, provide a solution, reveal a value, and conclude with a call to action.

Video Objective

Either of two approaches should be used, depending on the video’s target. For example, the most successful way to build community and strengthen our brand is to record a personal video and talk on camera. It is preferable to catch the computer screen if it is a tutorial. While you can combine the two, the outcome will be determined by the content or lesson.

Length of the Video

The video should be short and to the point. Quick videos (maximum 5-10 minutes) are preferred by internet users over long videos (longer than 15 minutes). It’s also important to include subtitles in your videos.

A significant portion of videos is watched without sound. If the topic is lengthy, it might be possible to divide it into smaller videos so that the audience does not get fatigued. In this case, remind the audience that a second video will be released to further explore the topic.

Structure of the Script

The script must be in three parts:

Greet the Viewers

Introduce yourself and the subject you’ll be discussing in one or two sentences, rather than attempting to fill a minute. Identifying an issue or desire that our target group has, empathizing with them, and explaining how you can support them in a few seconds is one way to grab the audience’s attention in the first seconds.

To ensure that the audience hears the whole story, create suspense and interest.

Develop the Topic

Subsections may be used to organize the development of the subject. Make sure each subsection is under 2 minutes long. The shorter the paragraph, the better, so that the reader does not lose track of the story. To improve the user experience, YouTube recommends dividing the video into chapters and adding timestamps so that viewers can quickly pick the material that interests them.

In 30 seconds to a minute, summarize the video’s key points. Finally, don’t forget to provide calls to action for users to like and comment on the video. Also, provide a button for them to subscribe to your channel inside the video.


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