A virtual assistant is a person who can provide you the required services of your business such as administrative tasks, data handling, HR management, and many others while staying anywhere in the world.

1990’s internet advancement has brought more people to the internet world. We have 1.6 billion live websites on the internet with over 4.4 billion users.

This huge increase in internet users has led businesses to think, why they should have all the staff in the office. And that led people to work as virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants are in huge demand by online businesses, entrepreneurs, and data management companies.

They can perform almost all kinds of task as an office-based assistant can perform. Although there are some limitations but technology has made ways to work over the limitations.

For example, a virtual assistant cannot physically bring coffee to your table but can place an order for you.

When we talk about online businesses, Amazon is the 1st and biggest ground.

Amazon virtual assistants are in huge demand because of having a massive increase in online buyers.

The most important task of Amazon virtual assistants

At present, more than 100k websites are using the amazon affiliate program.

Most of the amazon business holders hire remote workers who perform the required tasks and get paid for them. Following are the most common tasks performed by most of the virtual assistants.

  • Website designing, development, Management
  • Customer Service
  • Amazon competitor analysis and market research
  • Amazon listing creations and optimization
  • Amazon inventory management

Steps to be an Amazon virtual assistant

Following are some most important steps to be an Amazon virtual assistant.

  • Product listing
  • Products errors and fixing
  • Stock checking
  • Order management (FBM)
  • Creating PPC and optimization
  • Product hunting, Ranking, Launching Product and reviews Building
  • Amazon complaint handling / Return Claims / Returns / Refunds
  • How to get Amazon support ( conversation and support)
  • Managing FBA shipment
  • Payment checking (payment-transaction report)
  • Checking and maintaining Account health
  • Customer care

Product listing

While entering a shopping mall, consumers get to know the brands from a storefront. After seeing the shop design and interacting with the employees, a consumer makes an impression that leads him to make a purchase.

A product listing is considered a storefront attracting customers. A customer Attracts towards the listing’s title, Image on search results, products, descriptions, and reviews.

Amazon Listings are designed while keeping an eye on the competitor so that it could be designed by fulfilling all the flaws that your competitor’s list has.

Amazon Listings are the source of knowledge for buyers to make a purchase. So, the listings are made in a very attractive way to make buyers purchase the product.

There are some key points to design an exceptional listing.

  • Complete product description
  • SEO-optimized keywords
  • Engaging and attracting visuals
  • Scan-able formatting

Products errors and fixing

Over 200 million unique users visit amazon websites every month. Having this much potential reach, Amazon has become an incredible sales platform for online retailers.

However an Amazon virtual assistant has to be aware of the problems which can be occurred while managing the store.

Most of the retailers use automated feeds which simplifies the process of uploading and updating the product. But sometimes, it’s really hard to navigate the error and to fix it.

Although Amazon has an Ai-based system that guides a retailer about the errors. Still one has to be fully aware of the common errors.

The most common reasons for an error could be,

  • Inappropriate formatting
  • Invalid data
  • Lack of permissions
  • Missing data

And many other reasons.

Here are some of the most common errors which occur most of the time.

  • Amazon Error 90117: description exceeds the character limit
  • Error 90122: Product Description Contains HTML
  • Error 8016: A lesser amount of Product Data to Create Relationship
  • Error 99003: Missing Required Value for the Specified Variation Theme
  • Error 8560: Having no proper attributes
  • Error 90057: Invalid Values
  • Error 20008 / 20009 – Unacceptable Image Size
  • Error 8541/8542: Product ID Matching

Stock checking

It happens sometimes when Amazon goes out of stock even the 3rd party sellers also have no stock.

So, to provide the best experience to the buyer, Amazon hides such pages so that buyers couldn’t see something like sold out or out of stock.

An Amazon virtual assistant needs to know how to check the stock for a product and how to find the products which nobody has. So that such type of products could be outsourced and buyer’s needs could be fulfilled.

How you can find out stocked products

Order management (FBM)

Some of the Amazon sellers use multiple channels to sell their products and receive orders from many platforms. It’s really tough to manage this complex process when you’re receiving multiple orders from different channels.

To make it easy, Amazon provides some software and tools which simplify this process with dashboards other helpful things to work more efficiently.

For example, Amazon’s manager orders tool.

Creating PPC and optimization

PPC’s (pay per click) are paid campaigns where an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad gets a click.

These campaigns are one of the best lead generation techniques. There are some steps for an exceptional optimization of your PPC campaign.

  • Research your Target Audience
  • Proper Keyword Research
  • Use Negative Keyword Lists
  • Keyword Group Segmentation
  • Write exceptional Ad copy
  • should have clear Call to Action
  • landing page should be effective and relevant to Ad
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Preview all Adpositions
  • Assess the quality score
  • Remove low CTR Ad copies
  • Remove Non-performing landing pages

 Product hunting, Ranking, Launching Product and reviews Building

It’s one of the most important steps for amazon virtual assistants to be expert in. It matters like a golden egg. Everybody is searching for that life-changing product but it will not appear on your screen.

You need to be expert enough to find such products for maximum output.

There are a lot of methods and some tools to find such products.

Following are the most used tools,

  • Jungle scout
  • FBA wizard pro
  • Sonar
  • AMZ Base
  • IO scout

The next step is to rank them higher for getting the maximum out of the product.

Amazon ranking methods are far different than Google but you need to be familiar enough to perform better as a virtual assistant.

Review building is used as a trust building fact. There are a number of ways how sellers make reviews on their products including,

  • Paid campaigns
  • Free giveaways
  • Through influencers

Amazon complaint handling / Return Claims / Returns / Refunds


The prime example of Amazon customer care is that the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos always set up a seat empty referring to it as a “Customer’s seat”. By doing so, the amazon boss shows his team how important a customer is.

It’s one of the main reasons for this top seller brand. So one has to be perfect in understanding all kinds of complaints and how to fix them to make permanent and satisfied customers.

The following steps should be taken for complaint handling,

  • Understand, Analyze and Interpret Customer Complaints
  • Interacting in a professional way
  • Clear, Concise Communication
  • Admit the faults and apologies


Amazon seller support


Amazon has developed a help center for sellers connected with amazon. A VA should be completely familiar with the methods and platforms to get help from amazon representatives.

While handling an eCommerce store, one has to face several problems for which they have to contact amazon seller support. Following are the top 3 methods to get help from the amazon seller support,

For example,


Look for top solutions: it is one of the easiest ways to find your answers. Top solutions are the queries asked by sellers most of the time. You can easily find the solution from this section

Call customer support: You can also get help from an amazon call center representative. For this, a virtual assistant should have communication skills and an understanding of the problem so that it could be delivered properly. it consists of three steps

  • Go to the call icon
  • Enter your number
  • Describe the issue briefly
  • Check the box saying “this issue is urgent and requires immediate attention”
  • Check the option “call me now”
  • And you will receive a call from amazon seller support represented.

Email support: You can also look for email support. It’s considered one of the best ways to contact the support team.

Managing FBA shipment,

FBA shipment means getting your merchandise into amazon’s warehouse. Amazon has more than 175 shipment centers in the US. This is how they manage thousands of merchandise and millions of deliveries to their customers with the minimum time.

It’s hard to establish a new shipping plan. Although the process is a bit complicated a virtual assistant should be familiar with it,

  • Inventory handling
  • Labeling the product
  • Merch prepping

Payment checking (payment-transaction report)

A VA has to be an expert in reading and analyzing transaction reports to maintain inventory. Amazon gives detailed reports to sellers which can be downloaded for a personal record. This is how a transaction reports dashboard looks like,


How I make a living online,


We’ve discussed almost all the major tasks performed by the virtual assistants. The article shows a direction for a person who wants to be Amazon virtual assistant. You can earn a handsome amount with this profession but there are few disturbing facts also be cleared before getting into this career.

  • Although, there is a huge demand for VA’s in the upcoming time but there is a huge competition in this field. You have shown proven experience to gain the trust of an employer or he is not going to hand over his thousands of dollar investment into a fresher’s hands.
  • You have to spend a lot of time and money to find healthy products
  • Due to hard competition, the need and cost of advertising are increasing day by day. You have to spend a lot of money to build a profitable product or your time will be complete wastage.
  • Competition is such a big problem in this profession, especially for startups. After investing time, money, and skill to rank, an established seller can copy your product with higher investment and derank you with no time.
  • Stock shortage and the price increase are also big problems for amazon sellers so for VA’s.
  • You should be picking up the latest selling trends, advertising methods to stay in the position

If you think you could manage all these problems and still wants to run the track I will recommend the below-mentioned platform to boost your startup.  


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