Web development is an evergreen field with plenty of opportunities. The development industry has evolved and thrived in various ways and domains since the early 1990s.Web development is still one of the most in-demand skills in the 21st century, and the opportunity for web development is growing by the day. Mastering web development languages is required to start a career in this field.  

Programming languages are responsible for all programs created, such as rostering systems, virtual reality, scheduling software, and online games. Understanding programming languages help us to understand how digital technology operates. However, with so many programming languages available today, you may be confused about which languages to learn, especially if you are a beginner. 

This article will guide you to the top 10 programming languages for web development in 2022. We will talk about What Is a Programming Language and the top Programming Languages in 2022. You will better understand various programming languages by the end of the article. 

What Is A Programming Language? 

A programming language is a computer language used to communicate with computers and give them instructions. Developers use programming languages to provide computer instructions that machines can understand and follow. Each programming language has its syntax, structure, and rules that must follow to execute the code correctly. 

After learning the language’s rules, syntax, and structure, a programmer writes the source code in a text editor or integrated development environment (IDE). The programmer will then frequently compile the code into machine language that the computer can understand. Scripting languages that do not involve a compiler use an interpreter to run the script. 


Use of Programming Languages in Web Development  

The innovative and developing web technology industry requires that every business have a fully functional and visually appealing website. Web Development refers to creating a good and efficient website, mobile app, or similar platform. These languages enable computers to process large amounts of complex data quickly and efficiently. They are critical because they allow the creation of various systems that serve and deliver tasks that meet users’ needs. 

Every reputable Nashville web design and development company has a team of programmers who are fluent in various programming languages. 

While there are numerous programming languages, the most commonly used ones in web development are HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, etc. According to Statista, JavaScript is used by nearly 65 percent of developers worldwide. 

Web developers use various programming languages depending on what they are building: 

  • Some programming languages use the front end or the client-side. Front-end web development is responsible for creating all interfaces and visuals that a user sees—from buttons to graphics. HTML and CSS are examples of frontend languages. 
  • Some other programming languages, such as Java and Python are used for the backend web development. These “server-side languages” handle communication between the frontend interface and the databases and servers that support it. 
  • A full-stack developer can code on both the front and back ends, requiring broader language knowledge. Most programmers begin by learning frontend languages such as JavaScript. 

Top Programming Languages of 2022 

 Let us look at the top 10 programming languages for web development in 2022. 

  1. Python
  2. JavaScript
  3. Java
  4. C/C++
  5. C#
  6. PHP
  7. Ruby
  8. SQL
  9. Typescript
  10. Swift

1: Python


Python is a popular web development language ideal for new and experienced programmers. Its applications include data science, backend development, web app development, and automation. It has an extensive collection of standard libraries, making Python programming easier for developers. Python has created several popular digital tools and platforms, including YouTube, Google Search, and iRobot machines. 

 According to the TIOBE index and Stack Overflow  

  • Python is the most desired technology and popular backend programming language. 
  • The most widely used language is that of data scientists and machine learning engineers. 
  • It has many followers and a wonderful community that helps and supports one another. 
  • Python is 30 years old and still growing in popularity.  
  • The additional features of the languages, such as quick code tests, cut the time it takes to test the code in half. 


  • Extremely scalable. 
  • OOP features simplify programming 
  • Increased Productivity 
  • Excellent code readability 
  • They have supported both Mac and Windows. 
  • Constant community support. 


  • Not appropriate for creating mobile applications. 
  • High memory usage 
  • Run-time errors 


2: JavaScript 


 One of the most programming languages on the internet is JavaScript. According to the survey, over 97 percent of websites use JavaScript on the client-side of the webpage. JavaScript is unrivaled if you need to create a frontend for your application, website, or software. It is one of the best platforms for creating dynamic elements for websites. 

One of its benefits is that it can use for frontend and backend web development. It includes several libraries and frameworks and is used to add behavior and interactivity to web pages. JavaScript is a popular choice among developers for creating dynamic web elements such as clickable buttons and animated graphics. 


  • Open-source. 
  • Client-side JavaScript is extremely fast because it does not require compilation. 
  • Excellent for improving a website’s user experience and engagement. 
  • Reduces compilation time 
  • High interoperability 
  • Increased speed performance 
  • Shorter codes 
  • Enhanced Functionality 


  • Concerns about security 
  • Unstable cross-browser performance. 
  • The developers must run the code on multiple platforms to ensure no technical glitches. 
  • The debugging facility could be better. 

3: Java 


 Java is a powerful programming language currently used in over 3 billion devices. Java is now one of the most widely used programming languages. Various applications include desktop applications, mobile applications, and web development, artificial intelligence, and cloud applications. Therefore, learning and mastering this technology provides insanely high pay, incredible growth opportunities, and global recognition. 


  • Extremely adaptable. 
  • It is simple to write, learn, compile, and debug. 
  • The new Java frameworks accelerate the development of Java programs. 
  • Increased security. 
  • Compatibility across platforms. 


  • Execution times are slow. 
  • Memory consuming. 
  • Slower than languages like C or C++. 


4:C / C++ 


C++ is an upgraded version of C and one of the most popular programming languages in computer science developed in 1980. A simple language is quite helpful and straightforward to learn. C++, in addition to Objective C, supports features such as object-oriented programming, exception handling, and type checking. Programmers adore them because they are speedy and efficient. 

Many IT professionals need to be able to code in C++, such as software developers and programming architects, in job opportunities. C++ developer jobs are currently in high demand because it is one of the most challenging coding languages to learn. 


  • Simple and transportable 
  • Extremely scalable 
  • There is widespread community support. 
  • Open-source. 
  • Extremely adaptable. 
  • Rapid and potent. 
  • Increases control. 
  • Cross-device and cross-platform compatibility is excellent. 
  • Transferable skills to other languages are simple. 


  • Complications related to pointers 
  • It can be difficult for beginners. 
  • Pointer misuse can result in errors. 
  • It has a less efficient object-oriented structure than other OOP-based programming languages. 
  • There is no garbage collection. 


5: C# 


 C# is an objective-oriented, general-purpose, high-level programming language developed by Microsoft as an alternative to Java. The.NET platform, which includes a framework and a run-time environment, is linked to C#. Game development, backend development, and mobile app development all use them. It is not only compatible with Windows but also with Linux, IOS, and Android, making it one of the best website coding languages in 2022. 

C# is in high demand because many software companies are constantly looking for talented coders with C# expertise. Game or mobile app developers and Software engineers are two of the best job roles for C# developers. 


  • Quick compilation and execution. 
  • It is safer than C and C++ because it does not use pointers. 
  • Massive frameworks. 
  • A sizable.NET developer community 


  • The learning curve is significantly steeper than in other languages. 
  • Because it is dependent on the.NET environment, it does not translate well cross-platform. 
  • Multi-thread applications are challenging to manage. 
  • Less adaptable 

 6: PHP 


Many web developers consider PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, one of the essential backend languages to learn. It is an interpreted language mainly used to develop dynamic, data-heavy websites. PHP is a popular web page language, with frameworks like Drupal and WordPress using it. Furthermore, because PHP is the primary language for WordPress, it is used by 78.1 percent of all websites. 

Furthermore, PHP frameworks for website and application development are available in this programming language. Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter are some of the best. 


  • Cross-platform compatibility is complete. 
  • Extremely scalable 
  • A sizable programmer support community 
  • Open-source 
  • Simple to incorporate into HTML 
  • PHP 7 and higher are speedy. 
  • Outstanding community support. 


  • Its performance is slightly slower than that of other programming languages. 
  • Not suitable for desktop applications. 
  • Because of the ease of customization, errors are more difficult to detect and more likely to occur. 
  • Security concerns. 
  • Developing a website in PHP takes longer than in other programming languages. 
  • There are fewer debugging tools. 

 7: Ruby 


 Ruby is an object-oriented, interpreted programming language. It is among the most famous languages to learn for beginners. Its simple syntax makes it a popular choice for scripting, text processing, and prototyping new applications. 

The large number of web frameworks and applications written in it, such as the well-known Ruby on Rails, is its primary advantage. Ruby is a popular and stable programming language used by Twitch, Shopify, Starbucks, and Tumblr. It is also the world’s sixth most lucrative programming language. 

While many people believe Ruby is dead, it has evolved into one of the most reliable options for website development. Learning Ruby is the way to go if you want to scale your website and web app development skills.  


  • It is simple to debug and write. 
  • Garbage collection that works. 
  • Open-source. 
  • The community is large and active. 
  • There are numerous useful tools and libraries. 
  • Support from a large and active community 
  • Has a high level of adherence to web standards 


  • Less adaptable. 
  • Slow 
  • Issues with multithreading 
  • Ruby code is complicated to debug. 
  • It moves slowly in comparison. 




 If you are interested in statistical computing and data science, Structured Query Language (SQL) is the best programming language to learn. It is a domain-specific language for querying, manipulating, and analyzing data in a relational database. According to Stack Overflow’s statistics, SQL is the third most popular programming language. SQL developers play a critical role in database management, so companies from all industries may need them. 

Web developers use SQL to organize a website’s database, and marketers use SQL to evaluate their campaigns. SQL are several database management systems, including MySQL and MariaDB. Fortunately, SQL is simple to learn because it uses common English words in its syntax. 


  • Process queries more quickly. 
  • Portability is excellent. 
  • Strong security. 
  • Interactive in nature. 
  • A large user base. 


  • It is not free software. 
  • If you want to create applications, it is not the best programming language. 

9: Typescript 


 According to GitHub, Typescript, an open-source programming language introduced by Microsoft in 2012, is one of the most desired programming languages for web development. The good thing about Typescript is that it adds type-safety to JavaScript code, allowing you to catch nasty JavaScript type-related errors during development. 

It also makes developing object-oriented code for JavaScript simple, and Typescript’s built-in debugging tools make web development a breeze. Its syntax and semantics are similar to JavaScript, known as JavaScript++. Typescript is more potent than JavaScript and can be used to create enterprise-level applications with large codebases. 


  • Compatibility with multiple platforms and browsers The readability of the code has improved. 


  • Before running Typescript code, it must convert to JavaScript. 
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript is required. 

10: Swift 


Swift is one of the most recent programming languages on the market today. Swift is a replacement for Objective-C, Apple’s primary programming language. Developers chose  

As a result, Swift is arguably Apple’s best programming language and one of the fastest-growing programming languages available. Consider Swift as your first language to learn if you are interested in developing Apple products. Swift because it includes modern features such as concurrent programming and automatic memory management.  

Additionally, as Apple grows as the most significant revenue and profit generator in the smartphone industry, expertise in iOS app development is in high demand. Swift’s popularity is on the rise again, according to TIOBE, making it a technology worth knowing in 2022. 


  • Open-source. 
  • Compatibility with Objective-C. 
  • Memory footprint is smaller. 
  • Objective-C is 2.6 times faster. 
  • Because of the clean code, readability has improved. 


  • Despite its rapid development, it is still considered a new programming language. 
  • Older iOS versions will not work. 


These ten web development languages will be beneficial whether you are just starting in programming or want to improve your skills. One of the essential characteristics of programming languages is that they remain relevant even as web development trends come and go. Therefore, whatever programming language you master in 2022 will be helpful for many years. So please choose a language that interests you and start learning it! We hope that this article will assist you in selecting your first programming language and developing a website.