Most of the players often ask why Roblox keeps disconnecting them after a couple of minutes.

When they lost the connection while playing the game, error code 277 occurs on their screen.

Based on statistical data, we have figured out that there can be a two-end problem.

Either the Roblox servers are down at the current moment, or your Internet keeps dropping connection after some intervals of time.

What is error code 277 in Roblox?

A Roblox error code 277 occurs when your smart device disconnects from the server of the game.

This problem seems new, so it does not seem the Roblox team is rushing to fix it.

Whether it’s a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet, error code 277 Roblox might happen on any kind of device. Developers haven’t announced a specific bug fix.

Why does Roblox keep disconnecting me?

The Roblox game might be disconnecting you from the game for the following reasons:

Game Bugs

If your game is large and has over 3000 parts, you might have a problem.

The game client might freeze if there are more than 35 messages in a queue. Excessive assets cause connection problems. If this sounds like it, you should clear out the cache files.

Corrupted Windows System Files

Your system’s Windows files can become damaged for different reasons.

If your PC is affected by a virus, the issue will most likely impact how Roblox functions.

The best way to fix it is simply to look at the Windows Registry and apply a fix.

Roblox Server Disruption

If that game is under maintenance, your smart device will keep getting Roblox disconnected from the server.

You don’t have to do anything in this case, just wait for some time and try again after a few minutes to solve this issue.


4 Best Ways to Fix Roblox Error Code 277

1.  Use and Update Google Chrome Browser

It is recommended that you update your default browser. Since Chrome is considered to be the most reliable and trusted browser, you might want to switch over to that if you are using something else.

If you’ve been having problems with your current browser, try another browser such as Google Chrome and see if it improves your experience.

Your preferred browser is an essential part of your gameplay experience.

The latest version of your browser is needed because Roblox updates the latest version of the software.

2.  Change to Roblox Compatibility Mode

Running Roblox with Windows 10 can be very difficult, but you might not be able to find solutions on this website.

This is because Roblox was initially designed for the operating system before Windows 10 came out.

You can use any of the below methods to address compatibility problems:

  • Run the compatibility troubleshooter with Windows.
  • Change the Roblox compatibility mode settings.

3.  Delete the Log Files

Your PC history, game history, and more are saved in your computer’s memory, These temporary files may sometimes cause bugs in the game.

You can delete them simply by following the below easy steps:

  1. Press the Windows key and press “R” to launch the Run dialog box.
  2. Type this and press enter: %localappdata%\Roblox\logs
  3. Press Ctrl and A to choose all files.
  4. Press Shift and Delete to delete them.
  5. Press the Windows key and “R” again to launch the Run dialog box.
  6. Type this: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\RbxLogs\
  7. Select all the files by using step no. 3.
  8. Press Shift and Delete again to delete them.
  9. Instantly Restart Roblox.

4. Try Other Network Connections

You might get Roblox error code 277 with a faulty no network or router. Apart from the error, sometimes this message is displayed on the screen:

“Roblox app says no network”.

You need to make sure that your internet connection is stable and that your computer is not too busy downloading something

If the game keeps trying to configure the router then you should run a virus checker to be sure there

Reset your internet connection or try a different one, and see if that helps.

Wrapping Up

Some people might say that Roblox does not have a lot of heavy graphics or technical glitches, but there are still some bugs that can be occurred.

If you have experienced the error code 277 Roblox when trying to open the Roblox application, follow any of the above methods to fix it.

If not, perhaps the problem is the game itself, then just wait until the developers of the game will it by themselves.

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