Your fitness marketing strategy is probably the most crucial aspect of managing your business, regardless of how big or small your chain of gyms is. Fitness clubs are local businesses, so they must fight for customers in a fiercely competitive local market. 

Compared to other tactics like social media or influencer marketing, email marketing may be considered an older form of advertising. However, it continues to be one of fitness businesses’ most effective marketing strategies. Additionally, it offers some special advantages that you might not find elsewhere. 

Email marketing is crucial for fitness because it enables companies and consumers to build and maintain solid customer relationships. Fitness experts rely on devoted clients who help spread the word about their brand. 

Importance of email marketing 

Email marketing is important because of the two following reasons.  


Even though attending conferences, creating and mailing flyers, running ads on billboards, or running TV commercials can help you attract more clients, most fitness businesses, especially the smaller ones, cannot afford to do any of these things.  

Therefore, if you run a small fitness business and are looking for a method of marketing your company that is affordable, you should think about using email. You can inexpensively reach tens of thousands of prospects using emails. 

It’s simple to start: 

You can be successful with email marketing without a sizable marketing staff or a wealth of marketing knowledge. You can start right away with an email list.  

Simply write the message you want to distribute, then press the send button. Your emails will then start their journey to the inboxes of your prospects. Additionally, email marketing software can assist in automating the entire process, saving you time. And the majority of these platforms are reasonably priced. 

 Seven email marketing strategies to promote a fitness center 

The top 7 email marketing strategies listed below that help promote a fitness center.   

1: Clearly state your call to action: 

Your fitness email marketing campaign’s main goal is to increase traffic to your landing page. As a result, turning your email subscribers into customers will be pretty difficult if your emails do not direct people to your landing page. A call to action is then necessary for this situation.  

It’s important to note that there should only be one call to action. Including multiple calls to action will divert the reader. Finally, they might choose to click none, so they will either delete or disregard your email.  

2: Personalize your message: 

Email subject lines that are personalized have a 26% higher open rate than those without, according to statistics on email marketing.  

So, how can your fitness marketing emails be personalized? You can use a variety of tactics. Addressing the recipient by name is among the simplest ways to personalize an email. Your fitness emails will have a more personal feel and increase open rates if you address the recipient by name.  

Additionally, you can use customizable email templates from PosterMyWall based on the recipient’s preferences. You can learn much about your recipient’s potential customers by browsing their social media accounts. You can then tailor the emails to reflect those interests. 

3: Catchy subject or headline: 

Likely, the recipient will not open the email if the subject line is not intriguing or compelling. That email will consequently land in the trash folder. 

Simply put, the subject lines of your fitness email marketing campaigns can make or break them. Some techniques you can use in your subject lines to encourage the recipient to open your emails are as follows: 

  • Urgency:  

Use urgency in your email subject lines to make people fear missing out. Additionally, there is a good chance the recipient will open your email to take advantage of your offer. 

  • Promotional offers:  

Freebies are a huge draw. Once more, including a free offer in your subject line will compel recipients to open your emails. 

The more curious you get your clients about the email you sent, the higher the chances they would bother to continue reading it. Hence, catching their attention with an interesting email subject is really important. 

4: Re-engage inactive members: 

Why are social media, SEO, and other marketing channels different from email marketing? It is because you can directly contact your customers or gym members on a platform they use every day. 

You can’t just tell who is who, even if your gym members follow you on Facebook or Instagram. You can segment your contacts using email marketing to determine who regularly visits the gym and who doesn’t. It allows you to re-engage and retain your fitness center customers before they leave. 

5: Draw in and educate your audience: 

All of us are quite devoted to email. We regularly check our email for updates from our banks, favorite brands, jobs, etc. Due to this, email marketing is the most effective way to interact with and inform your audience. 

The COVID pandemic forced gyms to adopt new health metrics and adjust their hours of operation following government regulations. When this happens, gyms and fitness centers find it beneficial to use email marketing to inform customers about the new rules or if any other changes are made. 

6: Social media: 

You can start planning how to maximize your results once you’ve gotten the hang of fitness email marketing. Finding additional marketing channels to integrate it is the best way to accomplish that objective.  

Social media marketing is one of your best cards for the fitness industry! As you may have observed, both large and small businesses are already promoting their content on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, to increase their lead generation. 

7: Send appropriate educational materials: 

In addition to providing members with a place to work out and creating a welcoming environment for exercise and healthy living, fitness centers today have a greater duty to their patrons. Distributing educational content to your customers via email marketing is one of the best uses of email marketing for gyms. 

Email marketing aids in making educational information available to your audience if you write blog posts, create video guides, share advice, or offer to consult. You can also offer nutrition consulting services to increase your revenue streams and give your clients access to comprehensive fitness services. 

 Summing it up 

Email marketing should be on the list of your marketing plans whether you manage a fitness studio or a personal training business. Compared to other fitness marketing strategies, it is quicker, simpler, and less expensive.  

 And using the advice we’ve given above, you should be able to create a fitness email marketing strategy that will allow you to attract leads, nurture those leads, and turn them into loyal customers for your fitness business. 

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