If you have an Apple phone and were invited by someone who is already on the platform, you might have learned about Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a private audio-chat social networking service that debuted in 2020 and is currently worth approximately $100 million.

Groups get together to discuss a wide range of subjects, events, and discussions. Currently, in order to gain access to the website, a connection to entry must be sent to you by a current subscriber’s invitation.

New subscribers get two invites to give out to their friends and family. Despite the fact that the app is easy to use and has few functionality (no private messaging or chat), it has a lot of potential for networking.

Clubhouse could be a good option for those looking to expand their brand and reach globally through an immersive and audio-based process.

Tips on Using Clubhouse Networking

Here are some of the most effective tips that can help you grow your brand on clubhouse.


Participate in the themed activities that are most important to your brand. Throughout the day, events are made, and alerts are sent when they are created based on the information you give when you subscribe to the app.

Join in the conversation and, if a speaker or guest shares a tip or an idea that you find interesting, communicate with them through their Instagram account linked using their clubhouse application.

Personalizing and following up with a personalized message explaining how much their tip or recommendation helped you and thanking them would help you stand out from the crowd and build a new user to add to your network, just like conventional networking.

Keeping in contact with them and adding the tip or message they posted on Clubhouse that you find to be of the utmost importance will help you put them in your circle of influence.

Ask for Onstage Opportunity

Ask to be on the stage and listening to the conversation if you have anything to contribute to the debate. You can talk about yourself while you’re on stage sharing your comment, tip, advice, or reflection.

If your offer is valuable and well received, it will not only increase your Clubhouse followers, but it will also increase your chances of receiving private messages on Twitter or Instagram from those who find value in your post.

Clubhouse uses Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch and remain linked during ongoing chats.

Become a Co-host

Reach out to friends on the app and ask to co-host an event when you begin to network on the web. Co-hosting an event on Clubhouse allows you to tap into your co-network host’s and broaden your scope.

You may have several co-hosts, which helps to bring your brand and network into the circle of influence of those who will be attending and promoting the event.

Become a Featured Speaker

Featured speakers on the Clubhouse app function similarly to those at typical networking events. Make a name for yourself as a featured speaker and share your knowledge, value, and wisdom with a community of people.

This is a perfect way to network in a faster and more efficient manner than a one-on-one situation.

Create an Event of Your Own

Taking the initiative and organizing your own event is a perfect way to attract attention and expand your network. Build an event that represents your brand, experience, and talent, and invite your contacts to attend.

Connecting your event to an established club would also help you meet new people you would not have met otherwise. As if you were holding your own networking event at a local bar, make sure to advertise it, personally invite people, and create enthusiasm.

Summing Up

Lastly, bring value to the discussion by being honest. Contribute to the conversation by aligning your insight, expertise, and brand with your contribution. Last but not least, have a nice time and act as you would in real life.

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