The idea of free email marketing is too promising to be real, but it’s a fact that every small-sized business must think about it. Marketing via email can keep your customers interested by offering new and exciting improvements to your offerings and services. With the abundance of marketing tools for paid emails, it’s no wonder there are a lot of top-quality free alternatives too.

What Do Email Marketing Tools Offer?

Before you decide on the ideal email marketing software or tool, It is crucial to be aware of its features. You should ensure that you’re using a platform that offers everything you can think of to create effective emails for marketing.

The most crucial factors to be looking for when selecting a free email platform are:


One of the most crucial features an email program should possess is a selection of templates. Templates can give your marketing campaigns an individual style and look, similar to themes for websites.

The kind you choose will be based on a particular design, layout and color scheme, and even specific font types that draw the reader’s attention.

In addition, you’ll need to make sure that the templates are free. However, you should also ensure they’re attractive and professional-designed. It is important to provide stylish and engaging marketing materials that draw attention to your brand and attract more traffic.

Automated Features

Another benefit to think about is the possibility of integrating automated functions into the marketing email you send. For instance, will you be able to set up an automatic push of emails on a certain date of the month?

Using these features makes it no longer necessary to be concerned about sending manual emails to a list with more than 200 members every time.

Contact Grouping

This advantage is contingent upon how you manage your website, blog, membership site, or online store organized. It is possible to arrange your customers into groups or tiers according to the type of membership they’ve signed up for. In essence, it’s for those interested in all marketing materials instead of customers who only want promotions.

Contact grouping lets you send targeted emails to certain groups of registrants. This is among the most crucial features to assist you in delivering the right information to the appropriate people.

Campaign Caps

No doubt, there will be a lot of marketing emails you’ll need to distribute to your customers throughout the years. To do that, you’ll require an account for free that will allow you to send a decent amount of emails.

Many platforms will include campaign caps, allowing you to create a certain number of campaigns in a cycle. However, you’ll need to ensure that the maximum number of emails you’re able to send is compatible with your strategy for marketing. It may be sensible to join one of these platforms in other cases.

Data Reporting

The most important benefit that you’ll gain from your email marketing campaigns is information. The data you collect will reveal the effectiveness of your messages, which includes the number of people who click on linked links. It will also estimate the number of emails delivered to inboxes and how many are discarded in the spam folders.

You use these statistics to create the most successful marketing strategies that will attract the maximum number of clients. Like designing a website, you’ll want to know what features in your email messages are most efficient. For instance, do you have certain actionable features that your readership uses or doesn’t like?

Free Email Marketing: Our Top Tools

Let’s review some of the most highly-rated email marketing tools that can be used for free.


The Mailchimp platform is among the most well-known platforms that companies of all sizes and sizes use. Their wide range of features distinguishes them from their other competitors, as is their expertise in marketing campaigns. This was the first to provide an email marketing strategy and is now one of the most well-known choices.

If you sign up for a free Mailchimp account, users can have up to 2,000 users and 10,000 emails you can distribute every month. There’s also the possibility to upgrade your subscription (for the cost of $10 per month) to receive unlimited emails.

Many advantages come with this platform, for example:

App Integration

If you’re creating free email campaigns using Mailchimp, You’ll have various choices for integration with tools. The most well-known platforms that can be connected to your email campaigns include Salesforce, Shopify, and Eventbrite.

Automated Features

It’s good news, Mailchimp also offers many tools for automation that make it easy for customers to maximize the value of the emails they send. There are options for product suggestions, welcome campaigns, and abandon cart management.

Landing Page Builder

A crucial element of every campaign is to make sure you have an effective landing page, even if you do not have a website. Using this system, you can design the landing page to direct people to your latest promotional deals.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

For those who haven’t had a chance to make marketing emails, then you’ll find this platform ideal for novices. With the drag-and-drop editor, you can quickly create attractive emails that are guaranteed to draw your client’s attention. There’s also a variety of customizable templates that let you truly make any email campaign your individual.


NotifyVisitors email marketing software is an effective way to help boost online sales and strengthen customer relationships. With this platform, creating email campaigns becomes a breeze – you can design email templates and personalize your messages with tailored content for each user. 

You can track email performance to refine, tweak, and optimize your email marketing strategy for maximum results. Grow your email list by capturing new leads from website visitors or importing lists from other sources. 

NotifyVisitors is the all-in-one email solution businesses need to connect with customers more effectively. Get ready to boost engagement and take your email marketing efforts to the next level with Notify Visitors.

The following are the features that can be used easily:

Automated Campaigns

NotifyVisitors offers automated campaigns to save you time and effort.

Drag and drop editor

It offers a drag-and-drop content editor to customize email templates that suit your brand’s needs.


Segmenting the audience to target subscribers in a better way and send relevant content to them.


Making distinctive email marketing campaigns can be difficult for small entrepreneurs. If you’re pressed with time benchmark is an essential tool to have on hand. Their simple editor allows users to select pre-designed templates and make small changes to personalize their campaigns.

With a no-cost plan, you’ll enjoy some additional advantages in comparison with other options. The account allows users to mail up to 250 email messages per month and have unlimited subscribers, ideal for small-sized companies. You also have the opportunity to upgrade your plan to include 600 subscribers, with unlimited email sending monthly at $13.99/month.

Let’s glance at the top stunning features Benchmark offers:

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Similar to Mailchimp, Benchmark also has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. All you need to do is pick an option that appeals to you and modify it to your liking. You can also build your marketing strategy with your images and concepts.

Custom Coding

If you’re looking to take your email design one step further, there’s the option to customize your emails using this system. While this isn’t a great option for novices, it could be an excellent alternative for companies to develop an innovative marketing strategy.

Email Automation Features

There are a couple of automated features you can avail yourself of with a Free account through this site: automated follow-up emails and welcome emails to new subscribers. Additionally, there are abandoned cart-related features automated by you can also choose.

Included Surveys and Polls

Knowing the satisfaction of your customers is among the best ways to grow your business throughout the years. Instead of requiring customers to complete surveys on your website, Why not give them the chance to review their experience after the purchase? By incorporating surveys and polls available through Benchmark’s free accounts, you can offer your customers the opportunity to share their thoughts.

App Integration

It’s not a secret that Benchmark is among the top apps that integrate. There are many apps you can incorporate into your marketing strategies to measure metrics and A/B tests.



Omnisend is among the top platforms for your online store. Its free emails can help deliver your items from your store to your customer’s inboxes. They also offer a variety of unique and fun email templates that can assist you in improving your customer list.

With a no-cost Omnisend account, you’ll be able to receive plenty of emails and monthly subscribers. Every performance can send up to 15,000 emails per month, regardless of the number of subscribers. If you want to send out more marketing materials, you could sign up for a paid subscription dependent on subscribers.

Some of the most remarkable features of Omnisend are:

Creative Signup Forms

If you’re looking to offer your list of contacts something new and exciting, Omnisend is the platform to go with due to their signup forms. There are many possibilities to use, such as pop-ups, landing pages, and even a variety of innovative email games.

eCommerce Integration

The ability to boost the number of visitors to your pages for products is paramount for online sellers. With Omnisend’s many integrations for eCommerce, you can direct customers directly to specific products on your website. This is vital when you plan to sell directly via email instead of returning customers to your website.

Mobile-Friendly Templates

One thing that many marketing tools for email do not have is the ability to send mobile-friendly emails. With more customers shifting to shopping on handheld devices, it is a great feature. You’ll be able to choose from various flexible templates specifically designed to work with mobile phones.

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If you’re convinced that you’ve tried every one of the marketing tools available online for free, MailerLite is an exciting new platform worth looking into. It was founded just recently, and you can be sure that they’re up-to-date with modern requirements.

Two of the most significant advantages you’ll get from their tools for marketing via email will be the capability to improve and grow your company. If you signup to get a free MailerLite Account, you’ll get 1,000 emails for free, which you can forward to paid-for packages that are offered.

The paid accounts are based on the number of subscribers you wish to get. For instance, you can upgrade your account up to $15 per month and send out emails to 2,500 subscribers per month.

There are many amazing features that your account free of charge will include, such as:

Attractive and Optimized Templates

The variety of email templates from MailerLite is quite impressive, particularly if you prefer modern styles. Each template includes various features, including surveys, newsletters, or pop-ups. Also, you’ll find that the majority of templates are mobile-friendly, which makes them ideal for tablets and smartphones.

Time Zone Delivery

Your emails must reach your reader’s inboxes at a suitable date to make them effective. With the help of time zone delivery, it is possible to ensure that your messages are delivered at the most optimal time for each contact.

Custom HTML Editing

A more direct approach to creating marketing strategies is best, particularly if you have designers on your team. With the help of custom HTML editing, the free MailerLite accounts can tweak pre-existing templates to give them a more authentic look.

Final Thoughts

Many online tools are available for sending out emails for free, all with various options. It is important to select appealing templates and features that allow you to tailor your marketing campaigns. Finding the ideal system has been simpler because most websites can adapt to modern marketing requirements.


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