.Instagram recently announced the first issue of its 2022 Instagram Trends Report–a look ahead to the following generation trends that Gen-Z has identified as they will influence the culture of the coming year.  

Instagram is where these influencers are leading the way in the creation of culture, experimenting with new territories, and directing existing trends in new directions. 

Now is Your Chance to Tap Into 2022 Instagram Trends 

It’s a valuable source for businesses who want to remain at the forefront of trends on Instagram. Utilize the insights and trends listed below to assist you in creating strategies and developing content that appeals to your followers in the months ahead. 

Create a story about your products 

Young people are fascinated by the stories behind the products, such as videos showing how the dress was created and live Q&As that answer potential buyers’ questions in real-time, and a quiz in the Stories to reveal little-known facts. In addition, with the capability to tag items in every format available on Instagram, it is possible to make any content a chance to promote your company’s products. 

Maximalist fashion and minimalistic beauty are rising 

Fifty percent of teenagers and young adults will try out the bold style in 2022. One-third of teens are interested in finding out more about and purchasing “clean” products for their skin and makeup in 2022. 

Bold fashion could translate into aggressive marketing. How can you keep the trend going with fashion that pushes boundaries and the boundaries of society? What can you do with products such as Reels to convey the story of the ingredients of your products in a different approach? 

The music industry is now social 

Short-form video is changing the way we experience the concept of music discovery, and dance competitions will be around for a while.
More than one-third of teenagers are looking forward to new dance competitions in 2022.  

For an organization, that’s a good thing, as music and sound are essential in emerging trends in the short-form video such as Reels.  

So, what can you do to improve your audio strategy for your business. Just think about the role that music plays in your default environment with a sound system? 

Creators have reached the status of celebrities on the A-list 

One in four 13 – to 24-year-olds believes that micro-influencers with vast and loyal audiences are crucial when developing new trends.  

Keep in mind that people are guided on a shared interest and not necessarily famous. You should consider expanding your creative partnership to include micro-influencers with vast and engaged audiences. 

The next stage is holistic wellness 

In-home fitness is anticipated to be essential in 2022; however, the focus of wellness is shifting away from exercising. Instead, people seek ways to keep their health and wellness adventures. And develop their artistic passions–painting, collaging, drawing or writing music, and many more, as well as their residences. 

How can you help young people in their wellness and health journeys, provide access to some online resources. Or even reimagine the digital experiences you design for your target audience?  

What are you thinking of doing to create an inclusive community through social media that encourages and encourages imagination? 


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