Use Instagram reels in 2022 for your Marketing Ads.

Today’s consumer is empowered by more options and information than they ever have before. This is why they demand more from brands than just clever ads copy and well-crafted branding.

With a myriad of options and information, customers are discerning about buying the right product.

All that competition makes it clear that winning market share is more complex than ever before, particularly if you’re up against the biggest names in the industry. Think about the fact that in 2010, the average customer was spending three hours looking up items before making a purchase decision. In 2019, that time was now six hours. The number is only going upwards.

 The great thing about this fact is that the time spent on research is also the time consumers will invest in getting to know your brand if you can get them and remain in their minds. Enter Reels marketing content in 2022.

What is Reels Customized Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a type of inbound marketing that brings customers to your brand rather than saturating the internet or airwaves with ads and hoping that some of it will stick.

The Instagram Reels-based Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

The most crucial adjective can be “valuable.” Valuable content is the most important thing. When you use Content Marketing, you’re advertising the value of your brand rather than the product or service you offer. Suppose a brand’s value is recognized while selling gets pushed to the background. This is what the modern consumer is looking for.

Why Should you Have a Reels Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing can help businesses improve their web traffic, increase brand recognition and generate leads and more. Just one blog article can bring enormous benefits to your business.

Here are some. It increases the number of web pages available on your site for Google to “crawl,” thereby increasing the chances of appearing in the top page Google result pages for the specific keyword.

Provide potential buyers with the information they require at any stage of their purchasing process. It increases the likelihood that other websites will hyperlink back to your website since other sites can reference your blog’s content as part of their posts.

Content marketing is among the most effective methods to establish your brand identity and establish your voice. Customers want to be assured that they can trust you. Content and credibility go hand-in-hand.

Creating Reels Strategy

The steps below can assist you in formulating a content marketing plan to gain market share.

  • Determine your target audience/audiences
  • Who are you writing content for? What audience do you want to be able to reach?
  • This is where buyer personas can come in helpful.
  • Utilizing your buyer personas study the types of content that people who match the personas are reading.
  • Check out industry publications, perform hashtag searches for related subjects on social media, utilize a listening tool such as Hootsuite or Hootsuite, and also examine the content that your competitors are sharing.

Of course, if you can get the answers directly from your clients themselves, take advantage of it! Send out a survey to current customers via an app such as SurveyMonkey, asking them to share the kind of content they’re getting from your company as well as what they’re not fond of and what they’d like to have more of.

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It’s also possible to include questions that let them provide specific content they are drawn to from other brands. This will help you in your development process

After you’ve conducted your research, you’ll have an idea about the kinds of content your target viewers are consuming. Next, you should be focusing on creating at least two or three different types of content often. In any case, you choose, one of these types of material should include blog entries and posting at least three posts per week.

Whatever content you decide to concentrate on, having an range of content to choose from can allow you to engage and reach your various audience members, not just those visiting you for multiple reasons and who visit you at different stages of the buying process.

Returning to your buyers’ personas, pay attention to the areas of pain for them. What content can aid in solving your customer’s problems? Conduct surveys to discover how your customers viewed them, the issues they had previously faced, and how they would refer your products to someone else.

There will be various pain points according to your customer and the product or service you offer. Naturally, however, they can be classified into four general categories.

Financial Customers and prospects have to cut down on the amount they spend on their current products or services.

Productivity Customers and prospects spend too much time using a service or product and would like something more efficient.

Process Customers and prospects are looking to streamline internal processes or enhance the efficiency of their business systems (this is particularly important for B2B)

Support Customers and prospects require more assistance at any phase of their buying process.

After you’ve identified the problem issue (or points) which your brand can solve, then you can begin making content that will direct them to you. Let’s suppose your brand provides an HR tech solution. Many of your existing customers came to them because they were looking for an easier way to handle hiring and paying (a process issue).

Make use of Reels content to distinguish your brand. What distinguishes you as an expert?

This is a fantastic location to include testimonials from customers. Use them on your blog, website posts, or social media. Remember always to be focused on your customers while highlighting your strengths. Let them know how your business will support their success and story.

What Reels Formats best serve your needs?

While social media and blogs are crucial elements in any strategy for content, infographics, white papers, videos, and eBooks are also essential to your arsenal of marketing content. You’ll know which formats you should start investing in first based on your surveys of customers and buyer persona study.

Blogs, such as the one you’re reading now, are most effective when they’re frequently updated. Try to do this at least three times per week. Remember to look to your readers for ideas on topics to write about. Write your words clearly and directly.

Case studies are an excellent method to demonstrate your worth by sharing real-world instances of your business helping customers. Write stories that your target audience can identify with.

Utilize a straightforward format like a bulleted list of results, as an example, instead of lengthy paragraphs. Also, be as precise as you can. We suggest dedicating one page on your site to cases studies.

Infographics are great for when you’re sharing data from research or study. Videos are more likely to be shared via social media than any other content.


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