In order to appeal to customers on mobile devices, it’s important to:

  • Direct users to a login page with a video
  • Send users to a mobile-friendly landing page
  • Avoid using ad extensions
  • Enter your phone number as the display URL.

The correct answer is:

  • Send users to a mobile-friendly landing page


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If you want to appeal customers on mobile devices then it is important that you send users to mobile-friendly pages.

It is obvious if people see your ad on mobile devices, they are more likely to call you or they can save the information for later use. And the want to know more about the product and services your offer.

If your page is mobile-friendly then it is important that you show your geolocation and contact number and even your address so that people can reach you easily.

Always use a mobile version of your website to make your landing pages more mobile and user-friendly.

With the help of call and address extension, it will be more help full for the customers and users to reach out to you and you will have more conversions.

With the help of Ads on a mobile device, you can reach customers at any time.

Mobile ads can appear on mobile devices or on tablets.

All new campaigns and text ads are eligible to run on mobile devices.

You can manage your campaign to run on all devices through campaign management.

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