What changes can you make to the Display Network campaign of a client who wants to drive awareness of her natural beauty brand:

  • Increase your daily budget and add text ads with meaningful promotions such as “Buy now”.
  • Use a balanced combination of broad match keywords, exact match keywords, and phrase match phrases.
  • Add affinity audiences targeting people interested in green living and beauty.
  • Go to big cities where people are more likely to find your product.

The correct answer is:

  • Add affinity audiences targeting people interested in green living and beauty


Read More:https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2497941


You can use interest-based audiences for customers who want to increase the visibility of your beauty products or brand, and for people who are interested in ecology and beauty.

Affinity audience helps you reached the people based on a holistic picture of their life, such as the lifestyle, their habits, and their passion. This allows advertisers to reach people according to their liking or disliking.

Right now, Google allows affinity audience in search, display, and video campaigns and even in Gmail and video 360.

When selecting an audience you can choose a wide range of categories, like fans of sports, people who search for beauty products or people interested in shopping, etc.

Google Ads will show your ads to the people who are likely in the selected categories.

The custom audience can be used depending on the behavior of the audience and campaign goal.

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