Which delivery type shows your ads at an even pace throughout the day?

  • Accelerated delivery
  • Standard delivery
  • Delayed delivery
  • Optimized delivery

The correct answer is:

  • Standard delivery


Read More: https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2404248


Their is one option when it comes to ad delivery method for an even pace throughout the day.

If you’re new and you have a small budget, Standard ad delivery is the method that helps advertisers to set to default for all campaigns and optimization of their budget spending it effectible for the whole day.

And the other is accelerated which most of the advertisers do not recommend setting.

Standard delivery works to save your budget. The main focus in standard delivery is to distribute the budget in such a way that if a user is searching for a product, google will help him/her find the specific product.

This way ad budget will work for a longer period of time. And advisers will save their budget.

It is recommended if you have a small budget. So that your ad can appear for a longer time. And you can reach customer for a longer time of the day.

Standard delivery helps not to lose your budget early even if you are low on budget.

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