Your travel agency client is running a very targeted campaign to reach people who are visiting Paris on vacation and don’t live in France. What would be an effective way to target this client’s customers?

  • Create a campaign with ads and keywords written in French
  • Create a campaign targeting Paris and languages other than French
  • Create a campaign targeting French and regions other than Paris
  • Create a keyword list with the exact match keyword “Paris” and negative keyword “France”

The correct answer is:

  • Create a campaign targeting Paris and languages other than French


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You may find it a bit difficult to communicate with others who don’t speak the same language to deliver your message to them.

This is why when you advertise using google ads you want your ads to see to the customers who can understand them.

Here comes in the play the language targeting. This way you can target your ads to the potentials customers who use Google products and third-party websites on the basis of the language those customers can understand.

Language targeting allows you to select the language so you can reach the potential customer.

On the search network, you can target one or multiple languages or all languages.

Targeting all the languages is helpful, this way you can reach people who speak more than one language.

When on a search network Google ads use a variety of signals to understand which language a user knows and shows the best ad available in a language the user can understand.

On the display network, Google ad looks for the page that the user visits and sees which language is the page, and shows an ad that the user can understand.

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